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Product Management as we know it, is broken and has to change.

Software products have reached incredibly high standards and most companies are understanding the importance of bringing products to the center of their organizations, and in some cases transforming the figure of Product Manager into a hybrid one.

In most cases, PMs still use their product sense and instinct to prioritize what is next, and they, or someone around them, have to spend countless hours to find the information used to justify a certain decision and to align their stakeholders around them.
Until a few years ago, this paradigm was simply impossible to revert.

A few companies tried to give Product Managers and Product Leaders the instruments to improve their work and allow them to d in a more structured environment than a spreadsheet or a simple doc.Product Management as we know it, is broken and has to change.

At Zefi, we are on a mission to radically change the way digital products are built and to change the old Product Management paradigm.

The technological revolution we are facing finally gives people working in product the possibility to prioritize confidently what comes next measuring the possible impact of those decisions even before taking them.

We want to allow Product Managers and Product Leaders to expand their scope.

With Zefi, PMs can finally save time on their operational activities unlocking their full potential and focusing on the strategic decisions that will make them and their companies successful.

The future of

Using software has been a passive action for far too long.

We have always used software in a passive way, asking it something through search bars, buttons, etc...

What if using software wasn't just about pointing, typing, and clicking?

At Zefi, we envision a new way of building software. One that comes to you when and where you need it.

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