Announcing Zefi 0.1

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Aurora Maggio
Co-founder & CEO
Life at Zefi

Do you feel the breeze? Something new is coming... We are excited to introduce you to

Sprawl of Saas

During the past week, more than 200 AI tools were released: using too many tools during your workday was already a thing, but today it is booming.

This causes data protection issues, knowledge management problems, and misalignment. It is a considerable cost to your company.

Zefi helps navigate through it, letting work flow to a whole new paradigm.

Beyond Generative AI

We live in an age when generating content is as easy as asking a chatbot to do it, but conveying a meaningful message is even more difficult than before. Especially if dealing with stakeholders with different backgrounds.

Communicating and taking decisions is making your way through information overload, and it takes hours of meetings to align everyone.

The future of software

Zefi slides in your workflow, without you even noticing. It creates a secure environment, even when you use data across multiple apps.

Software in the next few years is gonna be very different from what we know today, and Zefi is designed to bridge you towards the future, enhancing a fluid experience tailored to your company.

The future of work

Nowadays, we are talking a lot about what the future of work will look like.

We are a deep tech company whose mission is to free up quality time in your agenda, unleash space to think, and allow you to focus on what truly matters.

By developing innovative ways to convey valuable information, we bring the real value of people back to the center of the workplace.

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